Sunday, December 19, 2010

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We are two days away from the longest day of the year - December 21st.  If feels like yesterday the weather was nice here in Ottawa.  But now - I can't wait until my next vacation.  I recently bought a ticket to Tokyo, Japan, with my girlfriend, Helene, and her brothers.  A little bit of hunting and a lot of luck got us all a pretty sweet deal.

Use Your Points

Helene's brother gave her a business class ticket - yes all expenses paid (except tax) - to Japan.  It goes to show that Aeroplan miles do pay off for some people.  Did I mention he also got his other brother a business class ticket as well. Unfortunately, he ran out of points for me...

While it may seem fairly obvious, most people I know don't collect air miles, aeroplan or any of the other travel point.   Not to mention, most people don't know their points expire after a year (I lost 18,000 points), which is still a pretty sore spot for me.

While I didn't get a free business class ticket, I faired out pretty well. I had accumulated $606 dollars worth of points on my credit card, so I still got a pretty good deal. Scotia Rewards (through Scotia Bank) matched an Air Canada 15% off deal and I ended up booking my flight for $413. Can't argue with that.

The point: Having a little bit of patience and a lot of persistence pays off.

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